Blink Watch

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We invite you to be a part of the first set of people to own a Blink watch and join us in the Blink story we script.

Created in collaboration with the most sophisticated electronics facilities across the world and traditional watchmakers with decades of experience in crafting legacy timepieces; Blink exemplifies an impeccable blend of state-of-the-art technology, experience design and watch craftsmanship.

It's about time.

Watch Craftsmanship

Watch Craftsmanship

Crafted with precision to make an impeccably designed timepiece.

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Re-imagined Experience

Re-imagined Experience

Operating on Marvin OS, Blink redefines the entire way you interact on the wrist.

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  • Cross Compatibility

    The Blink Watch is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices allowing you a seamless experience across both platforms

  • Low Power Mode

    The unique Low Power Mode on Blink Watch allows the screen to stay always On and show you time anytime anywhere

  • Voice Assistant

    With Marvin OS, you can use voice commands to access applications, reply to messages and do a lot more

  • Premium Quality

    Blink Watch is cased in high quality Stainless Steel 316L body akin to luxury watches, along with a Gorilla Glass top

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How can I pre-book a Blink Watch 2?

You can pre-book Blink by making a token payment of Rs. 2500. Once we are ready to start the shipping towards the end of September, we will be sending across the payment link to complete the purchase by making full payment, on your registered e-mail ID.

Will I be able to cancel the pre-order if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel the pre-booking. However, it would be helpful if you can notify us about the cancellation before 15th August 2017.

Will I be able to change the variant of the watch once pre-ordered?

In case you change your mind about the Blink variant, feel free to notify us before 15th September 2017. We shall go ahead and make the changes.

On pre-ordering, when will my Blink get delivered?

The delivery of the watch starts from Sept 30, 2017 in batches. The sooner you pre-order, earlier you get Blink on your wrist.

Can I order the watch from outside of India?

Starting now we will be shipping Blink Watch globally. Hence, irrespective of the geography you are welcome to be a part of the Blink league