Bringing together FORM and FUNCTION - Blink GO is a stylish Smart Band, designed with perfection, to take your fitness game and style quotient a notch higher. The device puts together the most advanced features in wearable technology with the latest sensors, processors, color display and swappable quality straps. Now track workouts with precision, monitor your Heart Rate, improve your sleep, outpace your friends and yourself, never miss a call or message; while looking effortlessly trendy.

So, Sweat. Achieve. Look Good!

Fitness Redefined

Push yourself, stay motivated, compete hard by redefining your goals - fitness or otherwise!

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Inspiringly Fashionable

Make a statement with chic and elegant swappable Band Straps, exquisitely designed to make heads turn.

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    Color OLED display for a great experience


    Select from an exquisite range of designer straps


    Monitor your Heart Rate level on the wrist


    Choose Sport Mode to workout efficiently

Customer Feedback

Reported issues and updates

Last Updated on 20th July, 2018

Reported Issue Remarks Status
USB Cable not in the Box Blink GO box doesn't come with a Charging Cable since it can be charged directly by plugging into any USB port Closed
Inconsistent Sleep Tracking The issue with the Sleep Data tracking has been fixed for both Android and iOS Closed
Notification access when using with custom OS phone (Redmi/One Plus) Due to the Custom implementation of Android in One Plus/Redmi phones, users need to turn off and turn on notifications access permission to start getting notifications on band after updating the app. In case the issue persists, please write to us on with details to help us resolve the issue Closed
Sessions Data in the app Session data can now be analysed in the Blink Fit app Closed
Calories count in the Sessions Currently, the calories count for the Cycle and Train Sessions is incorrect in the band, but correct in the app. We will fix the issue in the upcoming Firmware update Open
Dynamic Leaderboard data The Leaderboard has now been made dynamic with the latest data of past 7 days available Closed
Product Warranty The product has a one year replacement warranty in case of manufacturing defects (subject to validated checks) Closed

Using Your Blink Go


What do I do in case of any query related to the Blink Fit app?

Is Blink GO band built to be waterproof?

Your Blink GO is IP67 compliant i.e., splash-proof and water resistant. You can freely use it while indulging in activities like washing hands or going out in a light drizzle. However, it is not advisable to keep it immersed in water for a prolonged period. In case the band gets wet, ensure you dry it thoroughly before putting it on again.

Can I change the strap of Blink GO band?

The straps of Blink GO band are swappable and can be changed, with ease. Infact, the band comes with a complimentary sports Black Silicon Band.

What are the hardware specifications required on my mobile device to pair with the band?

Your phone needs to have Bluetooth 4.1+, for your Blink GO Band to pair with your phone.

How do I connect my Blink GO band with my mobile device?

Blink GO band can be connected to your phone through the companion app(available on both Android Play Store and Apple App Store) by logging in with your Myntra ID or Google ID.

Where do I go to download companion app for Blink GO band?

Blink GO companion app for Android and iOS can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.