Blink Play - Stylish and functional - brings to you great audio and impeccable fitness experience. With a sophisticated design, Blink Play is a head-turner made to stay put in your ear while you strive to stay ahead. It lets you track daily activity, answer calls, listen to music, access Voice Assistant (Siri and Ok Google), with just a button tap. You can also power your workouts with the in-app audio guided coach feature. Blink Play is the perfect companion to accompany you to the finish line.

So, Sweat. Achieve. Look Good!

Fitness Redefined

Push yourself, stay motivated, compete hard by redefining your goals - fitness or otherwise!

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Exceptional Experience

Stay entertained and efficient with comfort, and a flawless audio experience - anytime, anywhere

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    Enjoy wireless connectivity and music, with easy voice and user controls


    Access Siri and Google Assistant with just a button tap


    Track your steps, distance, calories with in-built motion sensors


    Enhanced audio and call quality with Qualcomm aptX™ and cVc™

Customer Feedback

Using Your Blink PLAY


What do I do in case of any query related to the Blink Fit app?

Can I track my activity using Blink Play?

Blink Play has a fitness module with Pedometer which allows you to Monitor Steps, Distance, Calories using the app. The device tracks your fitness activity when you are wearing it using the fitness module.

Can I activate voice assistant using Blink Play?

Yes, you can activate both OK Google! And Siri using Blink Play.

What are the hardware specifications required on my mobile device to pair with Blink Play?

Your phone needs to have Bluetooth 4.1+, for your Blink Play to pair with your phone.

Where do I go to download companion app for Blink Play?

Blink Fit app for Android and iOS can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

What is the warranty on Blink Play?

Blink Play is covered under one-year manufacturing warranty. However, the warranty does not cover accidental damages and wear and tear of the device.