The Timex | Blink band combines the best of both worlds, literally. Designed by manufacturers with years of experience in legacy watchmaking, the device embodies a fluidic watch case made of stainless-steel 304L and interchangeable mesh, leather and silicone straps. At the same time, the device puts together the most advanced features in wearable technology with the latest sensors, processors, display and peripherals. With features like daily fitness tracking, SOS alert, and premium quick-release straps; the Timex Blink band is your perfect companion on-the-go.

Anything but ordinary.

Legacy Craftsmanship

Crafted with precision by watchmakers with decades of experience in making classic timepieces

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Impeccable Experience

Enjoy a seamless experience in your endeavour to stay fit, connected, safe, and always a step ahead

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  • SOS Alert

    Send instant SOS alerts with a tap on the wrist, sharing your immediate location at the moment of distress

  • Interchangeable Straps

    Change your style to suit the mood and occasion with quick-release straps which can be replaced with utmost ease

  • Long Battery Life

    Enjoy a healthy and a connected life, with the band having up to 10 days of in-use and 12 days of standby battery

  • Premium Design

    With a Stainless Steel steel fluidic watch-case and premium straps, experience quality akin to luxury watches


Which mobile platforms is the Timex | Blink band compatible with?

Is Timex | Blink band built to be waterproof?

Your Timex | Blink band is splash-proof and water resistant. You can freely use it while indulging in activities like washing hands or going out in a light drizzle. However, it is not advisable to keep it immersed in water for a prolonged period. In case the band gets wet, ensure you dry it thoroughly before putting it on.

Can I change the strap of Timex | Blink band?

The straps Timex | Blink band are made to be interchangeable and can be changed with ease. Infact, the band comes with a complimentary Sports silicon band

What hardware specifications I would need on my mobile device to pair the band?

For your Timex | Blink Band to pair with your phone, your phone needs to have Bluetooth 4.0+

How do I connect my Timex | Blink band with my mobile device?

Timex|Blink band can be connected to your phone through the companion app, by logging in with any Google ID

Where can I download the Timex | Blink band companion apps from?

Blink companion app for Android and iOS can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively