Blink GO - Connectivity Settings

For Android Users

To ensure continuous connectivity between phone and the band, please ensure that,
1) You are connecting band to the phone using Blink Fit app, and not directly through Bluetooth
Note: Refer to the screen below 
Instead of manually switching the Bluetooth of the phone on, please open the Blink Fit app and wait for 20 seconds for the app and the band to connect. If the Bluetooth of the app is off, the app will notify you to switch it on.
When the band and phone are connected, the status should be similar to the one in the screen given below:

In case, the app and the band are still not getting connected, 'Force Stop' the app. To 'Force Stop' the app,
Open Phone Settings -->Applications --> Blink Fit -->Force Stop
2) To ensure continuous connectivity, allow app to run in the background. To know more, refer to the video

For iOS Users

To manage connectivity in iOS, please ensure app is running in the background.

 If the issue persists, please send us a small video of the device not connecting to the app on and our team will assist you in getting it resolved.