Blink GO - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Switch on Blink GO?

How to turn the power off on my Blink GO?

To switch off your Blink GO device, follow the instructions below:

  • Tap on the Touch Key to navigate through the menu to reach ‘Settings’ screen

  • Long press the Touch Key when on ‘Settings’ screen
  • Tap on the Touch Key to choose the ‘Power Off” icon and long press the touch key 

    Where can I see my device/band name?

    To see your device/band name go to the Settings on your band and tap on the ‘i’ icon.


    How do I charge my Blink GO? 

    Where can I see the battery level of the band?

    You can check the approximate battery level of your band on its main screen. You can also see the exact battery percentage of the band in the menu bar of iOS and Android App. For the app to reflect Battery percentage the band and the phone should be connected.

    What is the battery life for the band?

    Based on your usage, the battery of the band can last anywhere between 4-6 days.

    How long does it take for Blink GO to be completely charged?

    It should ideally take anywhere between 1-1.5 hours for a complete charge. It also depends on the power source. Charging from laptop/desktop might take little longer than charging from a power adapter.

    Can I use any USB adapter to charge the band?

    You can use any 5V charging adapter from a certified manufacturer to charge your band.

    Connecting with your phone

    Why do I need to connect my Blink GO with my phone?

    It is necessary to connect your band and phone to do a first-time-setup, use features like notification and call alert, and find my phone. Besides, when connected you will be able to sync and view your past and current fitness data on the mobile app.

    How do I connect my Blink GO with my mobile device?

    To connect your Blink GO with your phone, download Blink Fit app from the Play Store (in case of Android) or the App Store (in case of iPhone). You can then connect your band to your phone through the companion app. Please note that you need either a Myntra LOGIN or Google ID to sign-in with the app.

    From where can I download the Blink Fit app?

    Blink Fit app can be downloaded from Google Play Store (for Android) or from iOS App store (For iOS), depending on the OS of your device.



    . Which mobile platforms is Blink GO compatible with?

    Blink GO is compatible with both Android and Apple (iOS) devices:

    • Android 5.1+
    • iOS 10+
    The band will seamlessly pair with any mobile device running on these OS versions or above.


    What hardware specifications would I need on my mobile device to pair the band?

    For your Blink GO to pair with your phone, your phone needs to have Bluetooth 4.1+. Without this, your mobile device will not be able to connect with the band.

    Navigating on the band

    How do I navigate on the Band?

    Band Setup

    I just purchased my Blink GO. How do I set it up?

    Will Blink GO work without my phone?


    Heart Rate




    Find my Phone


    Design and Usage

    What is the case and strap material for the Blink GO?

    Can I change the strap of my Blink GO?

    The straps of Blink GO can be detached from the device, allowing them to be easily swapped. In fact, every unit of Blink GO comes with a complimentary strap.

    What is the warranty for Blink GO?

    Blink GO is covered under One Year manufacturing warranty. However, the warranty does not cover accidental damages like screen damage, wear and tear of the strap. In case of a particular user concern requires a repair, it will be chargeable on a case-to-case basis.

    Is my Blink GO water resistant?

    Your Blink GO is IP67 compliant i.e., splash-proof and water resistant. You can freely use it while indulging in activities like washing hands or going out in a light drizzle. However, it is not advisable to keep it immersed in water for a prolonged period. In case the band gets wet, ensure you dry it thoroughly before putting it on again.


    Why is my Blink GO band and phone not connected?

    What do I do to ensure that my Phone and band stay connected?

    Why is Notification alert not working on my Blink GO?

    Why is Call alert not working on my Blink GO?

    How do I sync the fitness data if it is not happening automatically?

    How do I correct the steps, distance and calorie data for the band?

    How do I correct the sleep data for the band?

    The fitness data on my band and phone are not matching. What do I do?

    My band got submerged in water. What do I do?

    Where should I contact in case of any technical query?