Blink GO Recent Updates

Last Updated on September 26, 2018

Reported Issue Remarks Status
USB Cable not in the Box Blink GO box doesn't come with a Charging Cable since it can be charged directly by plugging into any USB port Closed
App not working after the Update on September 26 In case after the update, you are facing issues such as the app not signing out we request you to uninstall the app, install it again and then sign-in; while we resolve the issue. Open
Managing Connectivity To manage connectivity between your phone and band, please follow these steps Closed
Notification access when using with custom OS phone (Redmi/One Plus)

Due to the Custom implementation of Android in One Plus/Redmi phones, users need to turn off and turn on notifications access permission to start getting notifications on the band after updating the app. Also, to ensure continuous connectivity for the notifications, please refer to the videos for both Xiaomi and OnePlus

Find Phone
'Find Phone' requires connectivity between the phone app and the band. To ensure seamless connectivity follow the steps in the link Closed
Calories count in the Sessions Currently, the calories count for the Cycle and Train Sessions is incorrect in the band, but correct in the app. We will fix the issue in the upcoming Firmware update Open
Notifications on the lock screen in iOS In case you are not receiving notifications on the device, please ensure that Notifications preview setting in the phone is set on 'Always' Closed
Product Warranty The product has a replacement warranty of one-year in case of manufacturing defects (subject to validated checks) Closed