Timex Blink Support


How do I trigger SOS through my Timex | Blink band?

Can I send an SOS when my Timex | Blink band is not connected to the phone?

No, you won’t be able to send SOS if your Band and phone are not connected. Besides, connectivity between Timex | Blink band and phone app is a prerequisite when trying to send an SOS; as the SOS feature requires the phone app to be running in the background.

Can I find my phone using Timex | Blink band or find the band using my watch?

Yes, you can find your phone using Timex | Blink band and vice versa. Timex | Blink band comes with ‘Find My Phone’ feature. Also, the companion app in your phone will have ‘Find My Band’ feature. When both the devices are connected Timex | Blink band/phone can be found.

Do I have to manually Sync data between Timex | Blink band and my phone?

For the data sync to happen between the band and the phone, both need to be connected and the data sync will happen automatically. You can do it manually by refreshing the Fitness page (swipe down on your screen) of Timex | Bink app on your phone app.

Can I check my call and SMS notifications on the band?

Your band alerts you every time there is a notification or a call, through vibration on the device. However, you won’t be able to read the notification or accept/reject a call from the band.


Notification alert is not working on my Timex | Blink band?

I am triggering SOS but it’s not being sent by the device?

To ensure the SOS works seamlessly, make sure paired App is running in the background. Please note it is not necessary that you stay on the App page, but it is important that the app keeps running in the background and not killed by the phone OS or manually.

How do I sync the fitness data if it is not happening automatically?

Make sure the phone app and the Timex | Blink band is connected. Once the phone and the band are connected, the data sync will happen automatically. In case, the automatic sync is still not happening, refresh the App by swiping down on the fitness page of the App.

In case of any concern where can I take my watch for service?

In case of any query or concern, please take the watch to your nearest service centre.
Click Here to get the list of service Centers.